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The YESEO app was created as Ryan Restivo's RJI Fellowship project. The goal of this app is to help newsrooms with SEO best practices. The idea came from an editor who asked Ryan, "why did our story not rank on the first page of Google?"

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User Experience

Journalists and newsrooms have shown great enthusiasm for our app!

“YESEO is a great emerging tool for smaller newsrooms to learn how SEO fits in their daily workflow. It highlights the keywords a story might target on search and offers Google Trends data for specific DMAs, all without leaving the Slack workspace. The GPT-3 headline writing feature offers a good starting point for editors and reporters writing headlines on stories. The Slackbot format makes it easy to share insights with others across channels.”

Caryn Shaffer
Senior SEO Editor, The Philadelphia Inquirer

“It's hard to find digital tools that are well-suited for journalists and affordable, even more so for those who work in French. Ryan Restivo's YESEO app is an easy-to-use helping hand to develop one's SEO practices. He has been working hard at adapting it for Canadians contents, even in French.”

Suzie Genest
Managing editor/journalist, Monquartier.quebec

“YESEO is a vital tool for any newsroom, large or small, that wants to work to improve their community's ability to find and benefit from their work. It is also amazing that is is already offered in four languages other than English - a really thoughtful way of buidling an inclusive tool that serves newsrooms and journalists beyond those who are english speaking. The Slack format makes it an easy to install and use tool in a space that so much of our communication already occurs! ”

Kat Duncan
Director of Innovation, Reynolds Journalism Institute

“It can be challenging in a working student news organization to create strong journalism, while still teaching reporting skills — and then layer on top concepts like search engine optimization. So, YESEO has provided a way to run both of the newsrooms based out of the University of Georgia while engaging in meaningful and constructive discussions about audience, language, and engagement. The tool we use the most is /prep, which provides a jumping point for great conversations about how our audiences might and could approach our reporting. ”

Dr. Amanda Bright
Journalism academic professional and managing editor of Grady Newsource and The Oglethorpe Echo at the University of Georgia

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Frequently asked questions

These are some questions we have received from users regarding our app and want to make sure your know the answers to them before downloading. If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • How much does it cost?

      It’s free. We are an educational tool working to help the news industry understand and implement SEO best practices.

    • I like this bot, do you do custom integrations?

      If you want features beyond the current stack, we are working on more and a possible paid tier, contact us at support@yeseo.app to learn more. As part of the RJI Fellowship project, Ryan has already improved other Slack apps he made before, so other custom integrations could be made upon request. Learn more about past projects, here.

    • Does your app use GPT-3?

      Yes! We introduced a feature where GPT-3 attempts to supply text based on the stories users enter to help them create engaging headlines and descriptions. We see these as a useful training resource, knowing that organizations’ style guides may clash with the headline suggestions, a user can take an idea generated by the service and incorporate it into their work.

    • I input a story to the app that hasn't been published yet, how are you protecting my data?

      Any not published story entered into the app is inaccessible to all users other than the user who entered it. The user who entered it may share it to another user, but that will only be able to be done in their workspace. We have worked to protect that any and all data from these stories cannot be touched by any other user in any other workspace. Data that is produced from this command is stored separately.

    • What sort of information are you collecting on me when I use the app?

      We can only collect data that Slack gives us. We are collecting data for analytics purposes on command usage, text entered and button clicks. That data includes usernames, workspace names, channel names. We do not collect any user’s personal information in their profile.

    • I am having issues. How can I get help?

      Reach out to us at support@yeseo.app and we will work with you as soon as possible to make sure your experience is great. Email us here.

    • Do you have a privacy policy?

      Yes, find it here.

YESEO App Premium

The current free tier of products will aim to be supported for every user and every workspace that can be done.

The YESEO app is aiming to be a place where users can easily access information, learn and apply their learnings to create better experiences for their audiences. Ideas for future iterations are already taking hold and future product updates may include new features, but it is possible they will only be available on a premium tier.

This would mean workspaces would pay for a subscription to the YESEO premium app, which would unlock premium features and services. It is also possible that the free version may get a “preview” of these new features from time to time, where usage in the workspace would be capped to let users try out the new functionality.

To learn more about future premium offerings, reach out to sales@yeseo.app.