Despite No Prior Use of Slack, Griffin Media Optimizes Teamwork with YESEO

For Ryan Welton, learning about the YESEO app presented an opportunity, but one obstacle: his team did not use Slack.

“We don't use Slack at all,” the Director of Digital Content for Griffin Media said. But he decided to set up a Slack workspace to try YESEO for his digital team.

“It was cake,” Welton said. “It's a rare piece of technology that was frictionless and easy.”

Griffin Media LogoGriffin News represents the local CBS Stations in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. According to Muck Rack, KWTV in Oklahoma City and KOTV in Tulsa are the top two stations in their respective markets.

For a TV station, translating the TV version of a story to a digital product can come with its hazards, but the YESEO app has helped the digital teams sharpen their headlines for their audience.

“I've got a newspaper and an SEO background, so I'm pretty keen on the art of headline writing, for SEO,” Welton said. “This has been a good tool to get the creative juices flowing among the other digital producers.”

“If somebody was stuck on a headline, I'd say try YESEO and see what you get. And oftentimes, we end up with a better headline because of it.”Initial Message from YESEO on Griffin Media Story

YESEO has proven to be a tool to help train the newsroom with its generative AI interactions. Producers still have to decide which headlines may fit best and many times they will blend ideas from each suggestion to create an optimized headline.

“One of the producers would use YESEO to come up with some stories and I would ask them which do you think is best,” Welton says. “It related to a lot of the principles that we talked about [in training].”Griffin Media Story

Back on May 31, a producer looked into getting ideas for their local story and turned to YESEO for help.

“I asked him which one he liked and he picked the one that had Skiatook at the very front, which I was like, excellent,” Welton says.

Welton knows that the work his team puts in to optimize headlines will pay off and YESEO has streamlined the process of going from story to headline to publication for his team.

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